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I own most of the GEM series plugins -and I'd say yes.

Quality-wise, they are all solid and you can "make a record" with just them and it will sound great. In the various threads discussing each as they've come out, there's typically not a lot of hype, as Jeezo observed, but there is generally plenty of love. Also usually a good number of comments that "yeah, this is good but such and such plugin from so and so" is "better." And that's valid. So many Neve, API, SSL, etc. emu's out there, with even the hardware varying somewhat from unit to unit, that we can have several plugins accurately modeling different units, all with an authentic 'vibe.' People then have their preferences for which flavor of 'authentic vibe' they prefer.

But I'd say Tapedesk, EQ495 (modeled on a Neumann mastering EQ), and now Comp LA bring something special in relation to what else is out there. Seems to me that for the 3A, anyway, it's Overloud's and Apogee's emu's as the top two presently (I'm not in the Nebula world, so can't speak to anything there).
And notice one thing , Overloud were coding for cakewalk the prochannel modules (tape and console emu taking to make tapedesk) as well as other stuff ..TH3 wasnpart of sonar also /..///and you know what , when Gibson ditched cakewalk and sonar was about to die ...the Bandlab came ...they decided to let their tools in !!! while a lot of brands went out the wagon ./... Don't know if it was monetised or not (i don't think so si Cakewalk gave it to bandelab) but this is to be noticed ...

Great guis
Great sounding stuff with moderne features
Easy and convenient portection scheme , totally user manageable
Solid coding
Fair prices
catalog growing , solid from time based fx to Amp sim !!