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... and wants the work to have been already done by someone else.

That's kind of a big ask.
Lol I'm not sure I follow you (or if you follow me rather) about wanting someone else to have done the work for me.

Initially, I was asking how to basically get a Dyna Comp type of compressor behaviour from various vst compressors I may already have, implying that the vst environment is where I'm working and inquiring from/about. I did *not* ask whether or not I should ditch the sims and go buy a real amp as was suggested somewhere back there.
Yes I was asking about chicken pickin sounds, but really I was asking about *guitar and amp tone* in that regard, not playing style per se, though I know the two can go hand in hand for that style. Like asking about putting certain racing wheels on a car that I don't intend to use as a race car but just want the performance from the wheels - maybe not the best analogy but whatever. And the fact that I'm tone chasing down a path I'm not 100% sure of..

So then, in a post after that, I clarified what sound I was *really* after once I had experimented a bit: a twangy rockabilly type of slapback sound w/ *pick only* SANS the hybrid finger pick portion, and I posted an audio example. But I guess we missed that post, which is cool no big deal, but if what the OP is saying is not being read well, then.. Lol just saying, this bickering about what this thread is really about, but not reading the OP's follow up posts... Lol no harm brothers, good 'ol gearslutz and I always appreciate *all* responses because I almost always learn something.

The good news is I got the sound I wanted (the SoundCloud example I posted above which I've since improved on). And I learned a couple things from the posts here and was reminded of that cool and free Vitamin C pedal. But that's how it goes w/ tone chasing; you start down one path and end up on another. That's the best part.