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Old 26th September 2019
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Analog Obsession re-launched "OSS" with extra features!

Fully re-designed!

Now, it’s the best with extra features!

Extra MIX and DETECTOR options!

Better control with INPUT!

Improved sensitive METER!

Re-designed INTERSTAGE section!

Classic & Timeless Design

OSS delivers every ounce of that magic, classic sound. There’s a sidechain filters (Detector). Plus, you can choose from even more colors by flipping a switch and bypassing the interstage transformer. Perfect for basses and vocals.

The “Detector” filters will shape your compressor sidechain. Control low freqs, mid freqs. High Freq will control your high freq sensitivity and tame it. OSS is all about delivering that classic sound, without the classic’s limitations. Another extra feaure is MIX. Now, you can mix your compressed and uncompressed sound!

Free update for existing owner!

Re-Launch price is just $49 till 30 Sep! (Reg. $79)