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Old 26th September 2019
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Touch Display vs Pen Tablet Display for S1

(I posted this on Music Computers subforum but here is more relevant and I could really do with some advice sooner rather than later as I've found some good deals. )

There's the Huion and XP Pen brands that offer tablet displays for a lot less than Wacom....but still more expensive than touch displays. I suspect the cost is related to the pressure sensitivity, which is not needed here.

I'm dubious abut the accuracy of finger touch for DAW use as there are a lot of tiny buttons to click on... so I've been thinking about a pen tablet display.

I know you can use a stylus on touch screens but is that going to be accurate enough?

The pen tablet screens cost quite a bit more but I suspect they will be better for those busy DAW GUIs with their tiny buttons. Anyone with experience ?

Looking at 22-24 inch size displays for using with Studio One.