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Old 26th September 2019
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the thing with thicker batter heads is that they dampen some of the overtones and thus, you hear the fundamental more clearly. this can help to eliminate the use of towels which i do not recommend 'cause they make a head work as if it'd be smaller in diameter and hence raise the pitch: possibly not the reason you're using 24" or 26" kicks?!
if you need to dampen, use a blanket with touches both heads and wrap it around to various degrees. speaking of heads: a thin resonant head can lead to unwanted overtones ringing along so i recommend using at least a medium head or those sets whichsome manufacturers are offering.
for 'modern' rock, there's mostly a hole in the resonant gead: avoid to put it in the middle or make it too big or else you'll loose some low end and/or sustain.

i'm not talking jazz bass drums here as i can't stand this ridiculous bongo tuning many drummers are using these days, thinking this would always have been the case...