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IIRC wasn't there a time when only Intel chips had the right type of "maths" for audio?
Are those days long gone?
I think it has to do with how 'wide' some data is when processed. I'm guessing you're thinking of "AVX". If that's the case it's basically just a tradeoff and one isn't necessarily better than the other because of those tradeoffs.

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Also before I drop a fairly large chunk of cheddar on a Scan i 9920X 12 core 3XS boutique workstation - would my money
be better spend on this new AMD CPU Scan3XS workstation they are a fair bit cheaper!
Not sure what their configurations are, but looking at the price of a 9920x it seems to me unlikely that it'll outperform the upcoming AMD 16-core CPU for about 70% of the cost.