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Old 25th September 2019
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Ok, so i think i'm finally going to make a move this weekend and start with two bass traps for the corners of my room. Thinking of pulling the trigger with my hybrid Superchunk idea I initially had using the Ikea Ivar corner shelf system since i don't have access to tools or a space to construct panels.

Thinking of purchasing two of the Ikea Ivar corner shelfs at the highest height available. Basically you have to but these in pieces so will be going with:

4 of the side units at 20x89 " or 12x89 " (2 for each side)

2 of the corner posts at 89"

2 of the corner shelf's at 30x30x20 " or maybe the 22x22x12 "

My only concern is how to fill these up and which size to go with as it seems the corner shelves can come in 30x30x20" with 20x89" sides or 22x22x12 " with 12x89" sides. Should I wrap these in a thick material then just stuff them with safe n sound insulation or use two layers of comfortboard 80 on the front faces leaving an open-air gap behind?

The shape a bit odd since it's not a true triangle so worried about waste and inconsistent gaps with the insulation. Also worried if the shape will effect the trap. Am I better off putting in some more effort and just making triangular frames to fill or some rectangular panels with a 1.5" piece of comfortboard with foam in front like the guys at Sound on Sound did in this link:

I'm not sure if Lowe's will make angled cuts but I could have them make cuts for rectangular frames no problem. I like the idea of the shelf because I do have to raise the traps off the floor to make room for the outlets. The Ivar system comes with pre-drilled holes for placing the shelf so it just seems much easier to work with.

Also, am I right in thinking that layering two Comfortboard 80's together to make 3" panels will be better than using 24x48" pieces of Safe n Sound? Perhaps a hybrid panel of a single comfortboard 80 and a piece of safe and sound together would be ideal? The comfortboard 80 seems to have a greater density at 8 lb/ft³ (128 kg/m³) where the safe n sound has a density of 2.5 lb/ft³ (40 kg/m³).

Let me know what you think!