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Sorry for the delay guys! Here's a quick rundown of making an Atmos MP4. I love this format because the resulting MP4 file plays on any device, to as many speakers as you have. So for example it sounds good in stereo on an old iPhone with headphones, it plays on a 5.1 setup, and it plays on home Atmos systems (most likely putting it on a USB stick and sticking it into your receiver or TV).

The album I produced is available in this format here: Become Desert – John Luther Adams
the link you posted is for a FLAC file (lossless encoded sound normally) of am I misunderstanding this? Do you have an example of the mp4 stream somewhere (an excerpt maybe?)
I like this idea of putting Dolby Atmos in a mp4.
Would the stream be recognised by a hometheater amp, via HDMI in coming from a MacBookPro for example (playing it in VLC with the right audio settings)?
Thanks for your time!