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Hi all,

New to ambisonics totally.. Planning to use one for a film. Which mic do u guys prefer? Better Tone and noise level, yes. Wil be shooting in a very quiet location. No i will not use it to record dialogs. Its for everything else. Mostly atmospheres. Does anyone have a preferred choice or suggest something for this kind of application?

Before this was using 60-30/ 418 combo for atmos/fx etc.
Will be using with a mixpre10.
I am inclined towards the core audio octamic, because of 8 caps and B format. Anyone ever used d this one? Is it better than the rest ? Or i should use something from the A choices?

Please enlighten. Thank you everyone
for Ambisonics recordings I'm using a MixPre10T with a Soundfield SPS200. It is quite good. Yesterday I bought a Rode NT-SF1 that I will be testing in the next few weeks together with the SPS200 to record ambiences in a double Ambisonics setup (the Rode NT-SF1 for height channels of a Dolby Atmos mix). Until now we did those double Ambisonics recordings with an Ambeo for height. I prefer the SPS200 over the Ambeo (which has electret mics), but if Ambeo is your only option it will do the job. I have higher expectations for the Rode compared to the Ambeo.

The next mic to check on my list would be the Octomic. The partly 2OA idea is interesting. I'm a bit more concerned for the quality of the sound. I have tested a Tetramic in the past and was not very impressed, because it was prone to interference/sound issues. This should be better with the Octomic.

Be aware that if you are used to a MKH60/30 combination, that the noise level of any of the Ambisonic mics mentioned above, will be higher than the 60/30. It's also at least 2 more mic capsules in an ambisonics mic (you can't have it all :-)