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To me vital is stomp box compression and slap back delay..
And NO reverb!
Keep it clean, use the compression for sustain.
Strat or a taste.

Of corse fingers, but I think this topic was about tone...
Works well for rockabilly as well.

My favorite “in the box” is lkmeadia fender packs,
The Chicken picking preset, under bandmaster change amp to vibroverb , turn reverb off! change compression to d-comp, put delay time to minimum, and stereo, and a few other small tweaks, if that ain’t Nashville don’t know what is!!!

Pretty much similar to my real “hardware” gear set comp, analog slapback, stereo out to two virboverbs...

No acoustic and no player, will make that tone...
It kills at chicken pickin...

I have rented out this exact set up, it is in a few well known’s fairly simple and works well.

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