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Old 24th September 2019
Not exactly a distraction but all this neighbor talk got me to thinking about the day I walked out of my old house through my old, overgrown backyard and heard the distinctive sound of someone playing blues style riffing and leads on a strat-like single coil into a classic Fender-sounding reverb amp coming from the granny flat of the next door duplex. Since it was much more a hip hop kind of neighborhood, I took notice right away.

Stranger still, it sounded like a somewhat slicker, more well-rounded version of my own guitar approach. (I use a Strat mostly and mostly play into a Blues Jr w/ a spring 'verb.)

So, a few days later when I noticed an unfamiliar white guy getting out of his car carrying a Fender style case, I waved. He waved back and called out, 'Don't you hang out at [a local coffee house]? The drummer in my band works there!' I knew the coffee house he meant, since I spent a couple hours there most mornings in those days.

I walked over and we compared notes.

I said, 'So, wait, Brian is your drummer?'

And he said, 'Yeah.'

And I said, 'So your front man is Chad?'

And he said, 'Yeah, he is!'

And I said, 'Dude, you replaced ME in that band!'

I explained that I'd joined the band as a favor to Brian on a temporary basis until they could find someone solid to fill the slot. We then compared notes on the band, as, you know, you would.

It was a pretty odd coincidence, all in all. This is a town of nearly a half million people and the coffee house was in a totally different part of town.

PS... On a lark, I just did a quick search through my streamer and found a couple music-only vids from (I think) that subsequent version of the outfit. I remember this song, for it's, uh, colorful language [you've been warned]. Here's another (language, oh my!) that I remembered. FWIW, my guitar work in the band was considerably different, less metally; they'd paired me up with an older black funk guitarist and we would sort of go off in our own fatbacking interchanges. The new guy tightened up and focused their sound; he was a good pick, I think.