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It is possible to get pretty good results from as little as 6" or 8" of suitable porous insulation, down to 100 Hz or even less. Membrane traps can go a lot lower than that, in roughly the same thickness. Ditto for various types of Helmholtz resonator. Treatment doesn't have to be hugely deep to produce good results. It just needs to be the right type, placed in the right location.

- Stuart -
It's a question of standards.

Plus, 8 inches, plus the frame for the installation gets close to a foot deep, which means taking almost 2 feet off of the dimensions of the room.

In your other post you've got something that's 24 inches, meaning 4 feet off of the dimensions of the room. And that's only your corner traps.

For mixing in a bedroom you're going to have better results with headphones and extremely close near fields than an treatment that's actually practical.