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That's true. You just make a decision if you want to invest in the architecture or not
I suppose. It's not "expensive" compared to the next step up (an HD rig), but it is a lot of money. It's up to the user as to if that increased functionality is worth it.

I would argue because all new keyboards since at least the early 2000s have USB connections, so it's generally not needed I'd rather not pay for that and add $20 or so to the price! If I need a midi IO I'll spend that $20.

It's like why not have FW400 ports on new computers? Occasionally it might be needed, but mostly it's not.
The reason I am such a fan of motu is the price to quality ratio is just about the best on the market. Pair any of the Motu stuff with the es DACs and a satellite system and you have one hell of a rig for a really decent price.

And Motu's customer service is amazing. I called and a real person answered