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What do you mean about expandability?!

You can happily expand the uad system with more of their interfaces and accelerator boxes for mixing - and use a twin as a desktop di/remote control. It all integrates perfectly. Plus there’s plenty of adat etc options if you want to go that path - the twin can be expanded to 10in/4 out.

I don’t know about you, but unless you’re into 90s synths, midi is an optional extra these days - you’re better off with a USB hub than midi ports built in!
I clarified my statement with the second sentence. Its not physically hard to expand, it is financially taxing to do so. Even a twin is like 800 bucks.

As far as midi goes, I dont use a lot of midi. I plug in a synth via the midi port mainly so I can use the organs and keys in Logic. One keyboard is all I need so why not have a midi port.