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I agree! But, until then...
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Really, im not asking for objectivity.
Never having heard the PSI A17M, it doesn't look like a great design. Has a 7" polypropylene woofer taken up to 3kHz. Won't be nearly as linear as for instance the aluminium 5" woofer taken to 1.6kHz of the Amphion.
Also, not an expert on waveguides, but that doesn't look like much of a waveguide on the A17M and I've often seen bad measuring results of a tweeter mounted from the back with a chamfer like that. (and if fr corrected on-axis the off-axis will suffer badly)
Also a 7" will be quite directional by the time it reaches 3kHz resulting in bad off-axis. If you're not in an anechoic room this matters, often a great deal.
Should have much more bass than the Amphion 5" though, but for bass quality cone stiffness and the quality of the motor and suspension matters and you don't know this untill you measure distortion etc at higher SPL.