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Old 23rd September 2019
Lives for gear

Maybe because I've played drums for 44 years - but I find drums are the easiest instrument to learn to
"tune" as people call it.

A drum is a drum is a drum.

Every drum has a natural resonance point and then you either go up or down from that.

And as for the bottom head - it's a simple case of,

1. same pitch as top = max resonance (jazz kit)

2. higher than top - then you get an upward gliss for the studio "" ala Gadd and the like - my favourite choice.

3. Lower than the top and you get a downward "dooof" for that rock drop fill sound

I see so many gadgets for drum "tuning" but really once you get the hang it's a very quick thing to do with a drum
key and a drum stick.