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Well, 'better bass' isn't very clear. The PSI will go loudest without breaking up by far, the one15 have a limit you will find and the 906 break up early. That is one angle on reality. Then there is the amount of actual bass you get into the room, the PSI might win there too, and if you're talking amount of clean bass the one15 is second. And then there is how useful the information in the bass is for making decisions. And there, for me the amphion slays both the other two. So, there.
Thank you!

Yes, i guess usefulness is the most important thing here. I need a relatively small monitor for sound design and im torn between these 3: One15, PSIa17m and RL906. I don’t need them to go louder than 85 dBs anyway, so regarding how loud they can go all 3 are good enough. For bass, im satisfied with the range of upto 45-50 hz.
What i need is a precise signal representation in near field monitoring for the money at moderate listening levels. Lowest bass i can check on my headphones.