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Apparently firmware 1.07 works great with Reaper... when you select a track with the mouse, it reflects on the X-Touch One... just in case anyone is wondering. I should note I am using the Mackie Control "Klinke" (which enhances functionality compared to the regular Mackie Control Universal protocol).

If this is possible (Behringer please chime in, here)... can you guys please release a virtual MIDI input for it, the same way that X-Touch and X-Touch Compact have? This way, users of Reaper can use the X-Touch in Mackie Control mode, but also have the ability to quickly switch to MIDI Mode, without having conflicts. Example: for the big X-Touch, "X-Touch" input/output is enabled ONLY in Control Surfaces, and "MIDI IN2 (X-Touch)" is enabled in the regular MIDI Devices section.

X-Touch One NEEDS this... especially since it offers MIDI, and CC modes, AND Mackie User Mode. And the ability to easily switch between them. Sadly, you can't have one or the other enabled, because the X-Touch One only has the driver "X-Touch One".

Can you guys please update the firmware to reflect a virtual midi input like the other X-Touches? It helps, so much! Thanks!

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