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Sorry, misunderstood you. Yes, they can be free. If you can identify mushrooms, you can find them growing in horse or cow poop. Or buy some spores, which are legal in most US states, and learn to grow your own.
As a child of the 60s, I'll just add, be careful what you ingest. And then be careful what you do while you are 'tripping'* (as we used to say. )

Psilocybin mushrooms -- the real thing -- are a reasonably safe way to ingest an hallucinogen that, in many ways, parallels the LSD experience, but they can be hard to get dosage right, some bad folks have actually faked psilocybin mushrooms (injecting non-magic mushrooms with something -- and these days, sadly, that might be something TRULY dangerous, like 'synthetic marijuana' -- which, despite its aspirational name, shares almost no positive traits with cannabis, but comprises a number of very real dangers to the unsuspecting victim).

In the good ol' bad ol' days, even adventurous hippies typically recommended that psychedelic neophytes be 'accompanied' by a clear-headed, unloaded, but wised-up/exprienced companion, often called a 'conductor' (like the guy on the train ) -- someone who is aware of the sorts of dangers/temptations that might beset someone in that circumstance.

Experienced seekers will often also advise choosing one's locale and activities with great care. Going to the mall or the swap meet or even the 'wrong' concert on acid or mushrooms could make for a decidedly unpleasant, even panic-inducing experience. Everyone is different, but I've talked to a lot of folks who preferred to do their psychedelic seeking away from other people, typically in a pleasant, natural setting.