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Here for the gear

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You really need to provide more detail on your room...

Also a note on flutter echo, if you're not recording mic'd instruments in the room, standing somewhere in the room and clapping may produce flutter echo, but that won't be of any critical importance in itself whatsoever. Your concern is with the sound coming out of your speakers and the path of that sound.
Thanks for offering to help. I attached here the drawn layout with all the measurements. One thing it doesn't mention is the speaker axis/listening position height, which is around 1.23 meters from the floor. And, I use Genelec 8050's on tripod stands, and I will soon build sand-filled sturdy stands for this which would allow me to push them further towards the wall.

The speakers are very close (about 5-8 cm) to those front absorbers which has about a 2" gap from the wall. This speaker orientation was recommended to me by Stuart/Soundman2020.

This room has some furniture and large 6" plastic pipes which were there before when the earlier measurements were taken (no dip at 85Hz). Only a couple of new furniture (small coffee tables) were introduced into the room in order to stand the side and back absorption panels since I had trouble finding proper mounts for them (so I decided to make stands). Since this dip is happening at such a low frequency and it's not present in the harmonics of this frequency, I am suspecting it is loose furniture or something absorbing energy. Then again, I assume it would affect a wider frequency range.

About the flutter echo. I don't record music in this room. But, I thought still audible flutter echo at the listening position would affect clarity.

Thanks again!
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