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Also guys, this is a moment in time thing.

I was a gigging musician trying to "make it" then I got married to literally the lady of my dreams! - had two amazing kids
gave up trying to "make it" and started earning a living as a sideman, music tutor, producer, session player etc bought a house,
bought a bigger house, bought an even bigger house ..... made a few quid, brought the kids up all the usual family stuff.

It was a completely wonderful experience - it still is.

Now the kids are grown up, off to university becoming independent.

So my wife said to me at the beginning of this year, so we're back to when you first met me
with time on our hands .....

Guess you better go back to "trying to make it" (cool lady huh)

So I've got a new band together, I've got the old vocal chords back in shape, I have a couple
of fantastic albums I've written and recorded and I'm getting my second wind .... (yeah I know - open goal for jokes :-)

My point is, life is constantly in a state of re-balancing itself.
I worked on a project for a singer-songwriter type once - he was a musician in his youth, never got anywhere, quit and got into IT. Wrote some hedgefund software, retired at around 35 with a family and enough cash to do what he wanted (houses in the bahamas, Edinburgh and Baker St that I knew of - the baker st townhouse had a decent sized studio in the basement!). Got back into music, and (sensibly) did things properly - hired singing and writing coaches, a producer and engineer/studio (me) to make his recordings, and basically set off gigging again. Will he ever "make it"? unlikely perhaps but he's been having a great time, released several half decent albums, been on tour with The Stranglers and others...who could complain?!
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