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Old 22nd September 2019
I think finding a work life balance is really important. In the last few years I have started finding my equilibrium.

In my 20’s I used to work 100+ hours a week. I was working on set in the sound department on big union motion pictures and TV series Monday - Friday. I’d get off work around 8am Saturday morning (due to night shoots) sleep for a couple hours and hit the recording studio or load the truck to record theater shows all weekend. I would regularly work up to 28 days in a row before getting 1 day off and then back to another 20+ days in a row. I was young, strong and didn’t need much sleep.

During that time I built a music studio and a voice over / ADR studio. I now work less than I ever have and make more money. My hourly rate for the big projects exceeds what I used to make in a day.

I agree with Desire Inspires that hard work is king but finding a niche and capitalizing on it is the most important part of that process. Knowing where you want to go and working hard to get there is admirable but working hard just to work is not what I want to do. In the film industry I’ve seen people die driving home at the end of a long TV series. It happens in our union every few years. Some of us literally get worked to death.

I now have time for family, friends, networking, etc... Life is finally good and I’m very grateful! All of that hard work paid off.