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Old 22nd September 2019
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room mics vs OH mics placement

Hi guys,

I am new to drums recording and have a question regarding placement of room mics in relationship to my overhead mics.

As you can see on this cartoon, I am going to use a spaced pair configuration for my overhead mics and also want to use a spaced pair configuration for my room mics. With my overheads mics, I want to center the kick and snare as you can see on the cartoon. However, I am wondering whether I should use version 1 of the cartoon for my room mics or version 2.
I feel like version 1 will "kill" the centering of the kick and snare in the stereo image while version 2 will keep the centering just fine, but I am not sure what will give me the best results. I do not have access to the room for a week to test it, and would like to know what you think.

Thanks !
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