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Old 21st September 2019
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You would almost certainly not be able to tell any difference at all in a properly administered double-blind test. A relatively short line-level (presumably balanced) interconnect cable is about as non-critical for cable performance as analog audio interconnects generally can get.

Frankly, there would be no discernable difference between these and, say, a $20 Hosa cable or most any other cable that's not the very bottom of the barrel in terms of quality. The more expensive cables may be somewhat more sturdily constructed and so take flexing and abuse a little better, which is potentially a concern for gigging use but generally of little matter for studio monitors where things are rarely moved around and even less frequently walked over, etc. The more expensive cables may also be somewhat better shielded and so would be less likely to pick up noise on quite long runs, again of little if any importance in a typical small studio.