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I tried cubase stock plugins and it's more than usable ....

Also what i found in all albums that i love is that a lot of time it's done by not vet young guyz that don't "respect "to much old toools .... and use a lot of time stock stuff (Fruity a lot lol)

it's loaded with stock plugins and sounds comes even from sampletank oldies ...that said mixing : i can't say it wasn't done with high end gear ....

Yeah, my first hit song, I just went to town abusing every plugin I could, this was back in 2006. I had sounds in my head and I went to for those sounds by any means necessary. I did not care about artifacts or anything people obsess over now. All in 44.1 kHZ Sample Rate. And guess what NOBODY world-wide ever complained about Aliasing, and still don't. I honestly never hit any brick-wall creatively until I started obsessing over sound "Quality" and wanting to impress other professionals... well especially when it came to wanting a stable career out of this all. Now sure I get the productions done sounding great. But the creativity its rare.
I enjoy the music in that post but definitely not the vocals.