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True - if that's the case yea you have to adjust. I started with an unbalance mic.. and it picked up random radio waves... one time I almost left them in - they sounded nice but I didn't want infringement. You can work around most anything. Till this day I am pretty good at removing unwanted sounds... it worked out well - had plenty of practice,

I now have a homemade faraday cage and ferrite inventions... and have most of the recording chain's power separated. (individualized) Even a real good power conditioner wouldn't work I assume. So yea your decisions are not really that important then. Just make Glitch or Lo-fi music...

(by the way - My Comment was as a reply to 'Measurability' and his posted question as a REPLY.)
This isn't cheap but its not as expensive as some of there stuff. This was my solution and it works for me.