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Old 20th September 2019
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Strange issue with mine. I found a solution but thought I'd pass it on in case anyone else can use the info.

On my unit, each front headphone output would only play on one side. The number one jack would only play on the left and the number 2 jack would only play on the right. After determining that the headphones and adapter were fine, I started fooling around with Focusrite Control in case I messed something up there. No combination of settings and a factory reset wouldn't fix it. I was really irritated of the prospect of having to rip the unit out of the rack to send in for repairs. Long out of warranty.

Fast forward.

I was watching a youtube vid of a guitar master teaching a student. He was playing an old Epiphone when he mentioned in passing that many of the old guitars were wired wrong from the factory so he had to crank the volume knob to overcome a buzz or ground loop or something. Can't remember exactly. Anyway, I though I've tried everything else, might as well give that a shot. I cranked the volume on jack 1 all the way to max and low and behold, this fixed it!

Occasionally the problem will reoccur if I turn the unit off overnight but same process brings it back.

Strange though.