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Yeah I'm sure it's an "Evil Plan" to screw everybody over. I'm sure they're not trying their best to reduce cost and increase quality.

Am I dreaming?
It's not evil. They want to keep sound quality largely the same electronically (for those brands that had it in the first place. Behringer has actually gone way up) but cut costs for the actual build of the gear. Cut back on customer service to reduce the amount of actual repairs processed and done, shorten warranties, and use lower rated mechanical and electrical parts that don't have to last for as long are all part of the plan for modern electronics manufacturing to maximize profits.

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Actually, although I have wasted a lot of time pondering this, I am going to make a final decision (on everything including the preamps) this weekend because I can't delay anymore.

I am now just deciding whether to go for the Audient ASP880 or an Focusrite ISA 828 (that I can't really afford) with the card. The ISA just seems so good, but then when I rationally compare them I can't see an actual reason why it's worth triple the price. They both actually seem to do the same thing functionally and I can't imagine the preamps sound 3x as good.

Is there any reason I am not thinking of why the ISA should be worth 3x more (and take up double the space) to do the same thing?

I mean it seems amazing, but if I put down the specs, features, etc., what they do on paper there's not much of a difference, so I am not sure how I can justify getting slammed on funds for it? Not to mention the amount saved could go towards other things.
The ISAs cost more and take up more rack space because of the Lundahl transformers. They sound different. I wouldn't buy them. Even if you turn out to love the ISA sound, I doubt you would want 8 of them. If your choice is between the 8 channel ISA and the cheaper Audient, save money and get the Audient.