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Old 20th September 2019
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Very interesting posts ^^^^^

I was thinking about this last night and was just playing with a Flea 47. I set my usual 0.3ms monitoring up - then backed up 2 feet from the mic. While singing I flicked the DSP on and off effectively having the same plugins with 0.3ms to ~3ms. The Apogee Dual Path makes this actually very easy with one button in Logic. Same exact settings of the plugins running either on the FPGA or in the DAW. Of course do they really sound the same... I am just going to assume yes today LOL!

- The sound changed in a large way between the settings. The 0.3ms had a full and tight lower register and a clear high end. Engaging the DAW buffer (128 at 96kHz) the low end was much less - and the high was thinner and brighter. The worst was I had to sing louder to hear myself vs the DSP setting. It wasn't "bad" it was just very different.

I am going to work more with this today but i also note that backing up to add the delay is totally unlike adding it in artificially in the DAW. I am thinking your speculation on specular vs real ER is the key....

Busy gig days now - more in a few days...