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I've been exited by the new machines coming out from Behringer and was planning on, at a minimum, buying the Pro-1 and at least one of the drum machines. Now I'm not sure that I want to give them any more money.
I know that feeling. After buying my third Behringer synth in a year, I found out about the need to register it in 90 days, to get the three year extended warranty I'd been led to believe I was getting.

I never did get it on the first one I bought - the Boog, because it was past that already. At the time, that rule was NOT well publicised. I like to think my complaining about it here has helped a few people avoid the same trap.

So, yes, great products, truly fantastic value, but when it comes to looking after customers...

I went from all out enthusiasm for buying more, whatever there might be, to thinking "Feck 'em. Other companies deserve my money more".