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Well, just some suggestions here. I’m not a ‘studio expert’, but I do actually record music at home, and have done so in bigger professional studios (have had my music recorded, more to the point). So I have some idea. Context!

Get yerself a desktop computer (PC or Mac as you prefer). 16gb+, an SSD for OS and programs, and a big separate SSD for recording on. Other SSDs / HDDs for storage as required. 8+ cores/threads, CPU-wise. The more the better, really.

A very good interface is essential. Prioritise this. Max out clarity and low latency.

One DAW is sufficient. Get one with excellent workflow, above all. Research it - I know what I like, but workflow can be kinda subjective, as well as flat out different according to, well, your work.

I recommend having at least one great dynamic and one great condenser mic. How much you spend is your deal, but again, research is key. Get some that suit your needs and preferences. IMO, you could do a lot better than the SM58.

If you don’t know exactly what plugins you need, maybe try free plugins first, both to see what *kinds* you will definitely need, *and* to see how much more than $0 you might need to spend on any of those.

Consider power conditioning and so on, as this can be an area of weakness otherwise.

Likewise, of course - as no doubt many have already said above (tl;dr ) - acoustic treatment is your best and first friend.

Right, so, there’s a lot more that could be said, but there’s a start. Most of all, research is where it’s at. And, lastly, only spend what you *need* to at any given time, particularly up front. Having some money left is a good thing in many ways.
Clean power is so often overlooked. If you cant afford to have your space custom wired, for electrical not mic and monitor lines, then get the best power conditioners that you can afford. Make sure it filters stuff and isnt just a glorified power strip.