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Old 20th September 2019
Sorry, I do have a build thread.

Back to the subject at hand, does anyone here have any experience with Dennis Foley? He has his own forum but I noticed most of the conversation is very brief, ending with him asking people to sign up for his free room analysis. He generally seems to avoid dealing with any room having a ceiling under 11'. He also sells a number of acoustic treatment products.

I get the low ceiling thing, but lately we've also been seeing some designers embrace new approaches to small room acoustics - which, let's face it, is a pretty common issue.

I found a pretty in depth conversation here from several years ago, about his bass traps, which use activated carbon. Ultimately it seemed inconclusive to me.

Now, I'm not saying that selling both goods and services (which would likely recommend purchase of those goods) is a bad thing. But it does make me want to be question the approach a designer takes, and their willingness to work with someone who wants to DIY as much as possible. Dennis does sell kits, by the way, which is a nice compromise.

Another one that comes to mind is GIK. Their main business seems to be treatment products, but they do offer consulting services, I think. It may be just the treatment part rather than ground up design. I'm planning to find out. In any case, I've always found Glenn and other GIK folks' contributions to this forum helpful & professional.

So, long story short, does anyone have experience specifically with the designer services offered by Dennis Foley, GIK or other manufacturers?