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[. . .] You don't need a high-end mic to capture good sound. There are perfectly good mid-range mics that will yield you excellent results, especially if this is just a hobby (for now). You have 15k max to spend; I really wouldn't invest a 1/4 of that on a Manley mic, or any high-end gear as a hobbyist. Mid-range offerings will get you perfectly adequate results, and there are many, many options. With time, you can dip your feet into the high-end pool when finances dictate or if you start doing this professionally. [. . .]
The masses [reasonably] go that direction. But, in any specific case, it depends on where the focus of one's interest lies when they talk of doing it for 'fun'.

$15K seems a lot of money to spend [given assets the OP already owns, and his circumstances] and not walk away with a high-end mic in the package - but, that's me. I would have 'a lot-a, lot-a fun' [way more than the money's worth] with the high-end mic!

Further, I see building/mastering related skills [getting to intimately know, and becoming effective with, a high-end mic] as one of the most important notions I can possibly undertake.

The mic is far-and-away the most critical link in the chain today - so much else has been commoditized - or so I believe. And I see it as likely the only asset that will retain value 10 years - perhaps even decades - into the future.

In any case - if we're talking about doing this for fun, a high-end mic delivers exactly that!

I appreciate the contrary opinion, though - you state it very well!


Ray H.

A bit off-topic: Other musicians - seeking similar thrills as I do - may also demand a high-end pre-amp. That's not me; but in looking at high-end mics, the OP will certainly be exposed to associated opinions and options.