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There will be more detailed placement guidelines later on, but in general terms the W371 allows more flexible placement compared to traditional omnidirectional subwoofers. As shown in the marketing materials, it can be placed just behind the meter bridge and have the monitors sitting on top of it, acting as speaker stands. Another option is to place the W371s more like traditional subwoofers, closer to the front wall/corners and have the monitors still in the near field.

Yes, it can be placed alongside the monitor.

Yes, this is exactly how it is done. W371 will be 'paired' with a monitor to allow them work together as a system.

It depends what kind of system you have in mind? The W371 has only single channel input/output, it does not have LFE channel support. It is meant for supporting near field monitors typically in stereo systems. It is not like a traditional subwoofer.
Thanks, I'm all the wiser.

Your recommendation is 7380 x 2 for multi-channel work.

I'm planning on 7.2.4 or 5.2.4 for home theater, hopefully 8351b for L/C/R, 8431 for surround and 8330 for height. I currently have 7360 x 2. If I added 7370 x 2, setting up 7.4.4, would that be sufficient? It's a touch under the 7380 x2 SPL, but still scraping it.