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Originally Posted by thehightenor View Post
I'm ready for a new system this fall.

I mainly use Cubase pro 10 on a 6 core PC (and have Logic X on a decent new iMac.)

For £3,500 I can buy a new PC workstation,

16 core i9
2x 1TB M.2 motherboard SSD
2 x Audio drives
I hear you on the i9 processor being a good option for a DAW computer and I also wish there was a scaled down Mac Pro, but it's not comparable to the Xeon processors in cost or price, and their ability to use ECC RAM.

Check out the New Logic Benchmark thread here for a real world example - despite the difference in Geekbench benchmark scores between the i9 iMac and the Xeon 8 Core iMac Pro - the base iMac Pro performs better. 120 to 130 tracks for the i9 iMac and 160 to 170 for the iMac Pro - even though the i9 has a higher clock speed.

This may be like comparing the top speeds of cars which you will never get close to and in which case other factors come in to play, but it's absolutely a factor when i choose my next computer.....