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As written before, I am not going to tell anyone which model he/she should buy - it is far too subjective and involves quite many variables. Even though 8351B and 8361A share the same coaxial driver, they are still otherwise two completely different loudspeakers and anyone should not think they sound identical even though you would combine them with one of our 7300 series subwoofer or the new W371 adaptive woofer system.

Having just spent a few hours listening to all of these combinations (I was at 3.5 meter distance), I can assure you they do not sound the same. For example, the 8361A has some clear benefits in the bass dynamics and headroom even when combined with the W371 crossed at 150 Hz, not to mention when using a lower crossover. Remember that the crossover between woofers and the mid is 320 Hz so having a subwoofer crossed at say 85 Hz leaves plenty of bandwidth for the woofers to play. And when comparing the woofer sections between the 8351B and 8361A, the latter wins by a clear margin. You don't need to be playing close to max SPL to notice this, better dynamic capability and lower distortion is realised much earlier. When playing them full range, the 8361A sounds much bigger and the bass headroom (up to 320 Hz) and extension are much better compared to 8351B event though the "raw" numbers might fool one to think they are more similar.

Go and have a demo is my best advice to all of you thinking about getting either one of them.
While we are at it, if listening at very close distances on axis, what kind of benefit would the 8351b have over 8341? Would these benefits kick in at a particular distance or be evident only at longer ones ?