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Old 20th September 2019
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From what I can tell you dont use too many virtual instruments which means you wont tax your computer the way some people do. I just recently upgraded my rig. Got what I feel is a pretty solid rig and I didnt spend a fortune doing it. I got a late 2012 model mac mini 2.6ghz i7 quadcore with hyperthreading. 16 gig of ram and dual 256gig ssd's. Dual drives is super important no matter what computer you end up with. I also got logic pro x and the MOTU 828es for my new convertors. The 828es also has midi i/o which with that Kronos would be very powerful. All in about 1700 bucks. With this set up I can easily run 6 instances of ozone 8 simultaneously and not even crack 25% cpu usage or 7gig of ram. For those that dont know ozone can be very power hungry. With your budget savings you will get on a similar rig you could easily afford an octocore UAD satellite system. The UAD plugs kick ass. Then take the rest of that savings and treat your room and get some decent Mics. 58s are great live but you will need more versatility in the studio. I would look at a good LDC, a good ribbon, and a stereo pair of SDC's for mic'ing acoustic.