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LOL Thanks and yes I was leaning more toward real world tests I guess. I did know about the audio convertors and software having more of an impact on the round trip latency. I asked out of general curiosity though.

Over the years I have seen many different people mentioned their "real world" experiences with low buffers settings without much focus on the overall power of their computer. I run a 2010 2.93 12core Macpro with SSD drives at a 64 buffer most of the time(HD Native with 2019 Ultimate). I would never expect to have the same results on say a 4, 6, or 8 core 2010 Macpro. Same goes for my Macbookpro quad core. When I do upgrade to a newer system with a faster, more efficient CPU(s) I will expect to have better performance especially at lower buffer settings.

I have been wondering how well that 18core iMacpro runs real world Protools sessions at the 64 buffer setting. My own system scores about 24000 on Geekbench 4 and the 18core iMacpro is said to score about 48000. That 2019 Macpro should be a beast at lower buffers but time will tell. Geekbench doesn't tell you everything but I feel it does give an overall idea when comparing systems. I'm still in the mindset of trying to double my cpu processing power in order to really notice an improvement.