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Old 20th September 2019
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Has anyone tried tinnitus retraining therapy?

I was getting impressions for Sensaphonics (anyone looking for impressions or audiology in the Denver area, look up Drew Price. She's trained by Sensaphonics, knows music, and after 20+ years of dealing with custom molded products, she's really the best I've met. She's done impressions for some of the best musicians in the West.), and I mentioned my struggle with tinnitus. Drew suggested tinnitus retraining therapy, where they determine the frequencies of your tinnitus and then give you specially programmed hearing aids that subliminally produce those frequencies all day, as well as provide a bit of a boost of the sounds around you. It takes months, if not years, to reach maximum effect, but she said that some of her patients, who suffer tinnitus from exposure to loud sounds, like us musicians, have experienced reduction in the perceived levels of tinnitus, sometimes a dramatic reduction.

The theory is that when you damage the hairs in your cochlea, your brain stops receiving those frequencies, so it turns the gain up all the way to try to hear in that area, and basically creates the noise in your head. If you provide a small amount of those frequencies, your brain eventually is satisfied that it's getting the full spectrum and backs off.

I'm tempted, but it ain't cheap.