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Yes - I too struggle with the reality of physics and the numbers in that I sing between 6" (rare) and 1.5 feet from the Mic which totally effects the total RTL (Hardware + distance) and thus the comb filtering. In general I have little issues with 1ms RTL from the hardware. But it is so hard to get a full Native system to run there. I am sure 44.1 is better from the computer POV. Whenever I engage 2+ms from the hardware it is a big tonal change. Vocals is the most significant.

The 0.3ms I quote is analog to analog (measured scope and Function Generator) through the Apogee FPGA FX. Antelope is 0.3 + some for each added AFX.

What computer did you run the latency tests on? Or should I ask if you were able to run it on a 12core system?