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[. . .] MacBook Pro and I don't like the lack of function keys [. . .]

[. . .] Any best mic in my price range for vocals? [. . .]

[. . .] Any good headphone choices? How much would you spend here? [. . .]
Function Keys: Newer MacBook Pro notebooks have functions keys. Hold down the function button [lower left-most key] and they pop up in the OLED Touch Bar.

Microphones: You strike me as a Manley kinda guy. Well maybe, but search or ask over on the High-End forum to better understand options for mics. Don't cheap out on me here.

Headphones: Closed-back professional-level for laying down vocals & guitar. I use the high-end AKG, but wouldn't recommend that for you - a bit clunky to use and over kill for what you likely want to accomplish. Maybe a second [open back] pair of headphones for mixing. Again hit the High-End forum.

Apologies I don't have time to contribute more now. Hope this helps.

Best wishes,

Ray H.

EDIT: If room treatment is not looking feasible, try to understand where your issues are coming from and ameliorate them in some other way. For example, perhaps move away from the ceiling by sitting on a carpet when recording vocals. . .furniture and/or sound blankets may sufficiently block hard reflections from walls to improve your result. Try different parts of the room, facing different directions - stuff like that.

I use Pro Tools Ultimate and find the plugins quite useful. Don't know how Ultimate compares to the standard version, though. Obviously, they don't solve everything. Maybe ask on the GS DAWs Pro-Tools forum. For fun and imagination, also look at izotope. Not recommending it to you, just thinking you may benefit from exposure to it. In any case, I agree with the notion of pushing additional costly plugin acquisitions to somewhere down the road.