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Interesting, and such a great reply. Thank you!

So, would wall mounting your monitors be a better options than using stands or similar? Since wall mounting would allow to get as close to the wall w/o actually mounting within the wall.
Wall-mouting might be an option, but it adds its own set of potential problems. For example, what is the wall made of? If it is typical thin drywall on studs, then the bracket you use to mount the speakers could well transfer vibrations directly from the speaker into the wall, which then acts as a gigantic speaker itself, re-radiating the vibrations into the room... not a nice situation! With a fixed bracket, you also have no options to move the speakers around.... part of the process of optimizing a room is to find the best possible locations for the speakers and mix position by moving both of them in small increments and checking with REW, to see which spot is the best. For example, you would start with you speakers and mix position in the theoretical "best" location, do a REW test like that, then move them two inches further apart, do another REW test, then another step of 2"... and carry on like that for a couple of feet... then go the other way: 2" closer together from the original locations, then another 2, then another 2... Of course, at each position you would also change the angle to keep the speaker aimed at the right point in space (a spot about 12" to 18" behind your head). Then you compare all of those results in REW to see which one got you the best time-domain response firstly, and also a good frequency response. Then you put the speakers in that "best" location and do the same with the measurement mic: move it forwards and backwards in small increments (once again, adjusting the speaker angle each time), to find the best spot for that... rinse.... repeat.... But if your speakers are on brackets screwed to the wall, then you can't move them... Thus, I prefer flush-mounted speakers (top preference), followed by speakers on heavy, massive stands (second choice), followed by speakers on wall-mounted brackets (distant third choice).

You can't beat flush-mounting, though! After bass trapping, its the best single thing you can do for a room (acoustically), especially for a small room.

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