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Second one seemed more interesting, like a really subtle increase in color. I'm guessing this the DA/AD.
The second one is the “sound” of Apogee’s Element 24 converters. The specs say they are the same converters used in the Ensemble Thunderbolt.

I was interested in upgrading but first wanted to see how they hold up. I need more I/O but I also want something ‘transparent’. Do you like the sound of them?

Personally I think they may lose a hair of punch and the highs offer a kind of relaxed tape-ish sound.

But obviously what outboard goes in between will make a difference.

As I said I need more I/O. I’m debating on going the UAD route as I hear they offer a bit more of a ‘forward sound’. Really I just want transparency. We’ll see how things go with Apogee as I’m waiting on a couple toys to audition them thru.

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