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Old 19th September 2019
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Its really amazing to see that Overloud has started to address the oversamplig issue. This is the one thing that has stopped me from using their stuff recently. step in the right direction! Haven't had the chance to try this out against the Black Rooster la-3a - which has been my go to for a long while now, along witht heir la-2a.
To be honest, i also find myself using DMG track comp for a lot of stuff now (la-2a, SSL Chanel, G Comp, 1176, 160) I find it to be superb and if i am honest, i am trying to get out of using such a vast quantity of tools.

I really hope overloud adds this tech to their existing tools, always liked the API eq, G fact, i like literally all of the tools they made. If they added this oversampling functionality to their whole line i would grab the lot.

Has anyone compared it to the rooster? I am interested in the differences between the two. I see someone mentioned the IK - although a lot of their earlier stuff doesn't seem to model the non linear distortions, i have to say they have nailed the action of a number of comps really well - highly underrated.

I do also agree that it would be really nice to see some other stuff modeled too! There are so many amazing comps that nobody has even tried yet, but still every year we get more 1176's, La2a on and on