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Here for the gear

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... which is about 1 foot too far! (If you are referring to the distance between the rear of the speaker and the front wall) In a small room, speakers should be right against the front wall, or perhaps separated by a gap of no more than 4", if you want to put insulation in there. If not, then your lowest SBIR dip will be way down low. Not quite sure what speakers you have there (KRK?), since you didn't mention it, but the cabinet itself is likely about a foot deep, thus the front face of your speakers is likely two feet from the front wall, placing the SBIR dip at around 140 Hz. Pushing them closer to the front wall would force that frequency up higher, where it is less noticeable and possibly more treatable.

- Stuart -
Apologies for the hijack - but what room size would you consider "small" in terms of placing your monitors closer than the generally shared "at least 12 inches from the wall".