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Have you considered Nave, as well? It's pretty inexpensive on an iPad, and you'd get a taste of the Quantum.

Otherwise, Nave or Largo on PC is perfectly adequate; Blofeld's interface is no great shakes and, unless you're working with it in isolation, the increased number of wavetables in the Largo overrides the sonic grit you'd get with a Microwave XT (which will, by the way, still require some menu diving if you want to truly go deep).

I used the Microwave II as my _only_ module for a couple of years, so it's a perfectly acceptable option if you're short on rack space.
I use most of those, Nave, Largo, Microwave II, and NW1
I find the Waldorf plugins over rated relative all modern wave table plugins, for example Serum
I'll explore NW1 more and compare it to Kotelnikov, but the NW1 sound uninteresting to me, and the Kotelnikov can also load wavetables
Microwave II on the other hand has some unique features, so why did Waldorf cut the plugins' features? They were probably worried that their plugin sales would eat their hardware sales, but now instead all of Waldorf's plugins and hardware sales are eaten alive by modern plugin sales
The Microwave II's features are deeper, even Serum's creator agreed to that Microwave has more advanced than Serum in some areas
But some of those can be replicated more conveniently using midi plugins and LFO and pan audio plugins
Waldorf transcended out off its own little moon, and should return immediately and upgrade Largo and Nerve free of charge (important) and release all Waldorf's (Microwave II and more) powers and move on from there with the Kyra etc