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Old 19th September 2019
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things are still super bad. He pissed off his nurologist and we got booted. There not another one for hundreds of miles and months away.
He smashed up the juno 60 and now he smashed up my TB-303 and 606. Lucky he missed the TR-909. Broke down the studio door and just went ape ****.

ANd you cant do ANYTHING GOOD for these people. make a massive Indian dinner, go to the movie, (PAY OFF HIS MORTGAGE) clean up and make a few drinks, he wakes up screaming ASS HOLES so I cant tell doing nice things for bad people and iv come to the believe a sickness can make an ok person into a raving mad man.

After he smashed up my vintage techno rig I asked him, "Great job, now what are we going to take to Berlin?"

So I am in a bad way, I know what happens to people that put $50K of stuff into storage units, they lose it to auction.