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Old 19th September 2019
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If you’re going to be recording vocals, I would budget at least $1000 for a nice LDC. Maybe spend $2700 on a refurbished trash can and use that extra $1000 on a mic. Better yet, only spend $500 on plugins and push your vocal mic budget to $1500. Also is your room treated? If you don’t plan on treating your room, I’d recommend you go with a nice dynamic (SM7B, 441, or M88) + a cloudlifter over a condenser. How many tracks do you plan on recording at once? If maximum two, then I’d look hard at the UAD appollo twin. It’s very nice to track with their fancy plugins. That said, when I don’t have access to outboard gear and am tracking vocals, I find two instances of fabfilter pro c2 to do the trick just fine for tracking comp for the vocalists.

Also a big part of the power of Ableton is the ability to rack, group, macro, and automate the built in effects, which are very, very, very good. From the saturation, to the reverb, to the glue compressor, and more...(not to mention max for live), so if you really want to learn Ableton focus on learning the stock effects and how you can modulate them. Maybe use the UAD stuff as inserts on busses, but with Ableton stock stuff and one good pro plugin bundle (Soundtoys, Fabfilter, one of the BX channel strips, or the slate stuff) should be plenty.

For what it’s worth, I pretty much only use Fabfilter stuff, Valhalla, and occasionally Goodhertz. Everything else is stock.