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Old 18th September 2019
Here for the gear

Thank you all for the responses. My hypothetical 12 busses is based upon the fact that I mix in Harrison mixbus 32c where the are a total of 12 special stereo mix busses.

The info I wanted was just to see if I'm sending several busses to the same output if there would be any issues which, from some responses seems there will not be. I pretty much never use all 12 unless I'm doing something real crazy. Normally I'm around 6 -8 which I can easily combine to stems to make my four stereo outs work.

Mixbus has sort of analog sounding summing but it's not quite as tasty as real analog sum.

And no I dont have 12 different styles pres it's just a stereo out on the summing box I'm looking at so two pres and I have a few different api neve midas and RME. Its gunna be cool to have some different flavors. Thanks all again!