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Old 18th September 2019
Here for the gear

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Did you not find anything in this thread that worked?
Nothing as of yet. My specs:

M-Audio Audiophile 2496 PCI
ASUS Prime H370-Plus with 2 PCI slots
Intel i5 9400f (turbo always on at 4.0GHz)
16GB HyperX 2666MHz single DIMM with XM profile loaded

Soundcard is nearly 20 years old, but as I said before it works perfectly in Windows 7 x64 with the same hardware and the same driver. Drivers aren't compatible with W10 as M-Audio stopped support 8 years ago, but these worked as well with the previous build to 1809 (1803?)

My guess would be the PCI-to-PCIe bridge chipset, but I can't understand why it simply works on the other partition with Windows 7.

Thanks for your reply though!